AirDrop On iOS7 Explained

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Published on: June 6, 2014

Apple fans all have read about the, the shortly-to-be-released mobile operating system for iPod touch, and iPhone, iPad. Many people are already acquainted with the redesigned interface, AirDrop being added, the fully upgraded Notification Center, too as some much-needed changes to photographs, multi-tasking, and the control center (see the video at the end of the article for a closer look at those top features).

But there are a few overlooked features of iOS 7 that I believe are worth pointing out. They may not be as visually alluring as the new layout, but they all dramatically improve complete experience of possessing iPad, an iPhone, or iPod touch.

If you are content to wait, here are six overlooked attributes I believe may whet your appetite even more.

A lot of the best unmarked characteristics of iOS 7 are concealed in the settings, and the means to limit advertisement tracking is only one of them. “If you decide to restrict advertisement tracking, apps aren’t allowed to use the Marketing Identifier to serve you targeted ads.” There is a little disclaimer that advertisers are not required to use the Advertising Identifier (meaning they use another identifier at the minute), but they will be soon. This makes it fairly clear that advertisers use that advice to advertise products and services that are specific to you unless you decide to limit Advertising Tracking with this new feature and can essentially monitor some of your activity on your iOS device.

Another security and seclusion feature new to iOS 7 is they don’t Monitor cellular Safari in option. It seems to be a better and upgraded variant of the Private Browsing of iOS 6. (The desktop version of Safari has don’t Monitor for some time.) You’ll find it in iOS 7 by going to Settings > Safari > and appearing under Privacy & Security. It basically prevents websites, advertisers, and other services from monitoring your online behaviour.


Now you can block numbers for FaceTime calls in one, together with phone calls, text messages and iMessages fell swoop. Head to Settings and pick FaceTime or either Messages. Subsequently pick Blocked. You’re able to include Contacts who should be blocked from all the apps and services by simply adding them in either FaceTime region or the Messages of the Settings.

I have actually gotten into some of the accessibility attributes in iOS lately, and iOS 7 has even more. There is a new button for Subtitles and Captioning (Settings > General > Availability, then look under Hearing) that, when enabled, will automatically opt you into using closed captioning and subtitles when they are available. It is a characteristic that’s difficult to test extensively until the public release of iOS 7, sadly, but its promise is loved by me. It even has a setting that allows you to alter the style of the type (which crashed repeatedly in iOS 7 beta 6; again, we’ll need to wait until the ultimate release of iOS 7 to understand whether the characteristic is actually solid). It is an enticing alternative for the hard of hearing, in addition to speakers and anyone who has an easier time understanding talked dialogue when text is provided, also.

Bring the Android Experience to Your Computer

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Published on: April 18, 2014

The famous instant messaging application became well-known all over the world, among Smartphone users, due to its utility. People seem to need to talk to their friends and family through messages and the texting app offers unlimited messages, sending photos and even videos.

However, not all people are so fond of Smartphones, or they are not rich enough in order to be able to buy one. But they should not worry in case they are interested in using the same instant messaging app as their friends and family because WhatsApp for PC is available and can be downloaded and utilized extremely easy.

What is crucial to be known by everybody before deciding to get WhatsApp for PC is that, in order to be able to have an application, people must firstly download and install another application, such as BlueStacks, or YouWave, which enables their computer in order to accept WhatsApp for PC app.

What I am trying to say is that you need an Android emulator to make your PC function as Android and BlueStacks or YouWave are known to be the best apps that will bring the Android experience to your computer.


In addition, once you installed the android emulator, not only that you would be able to download and install WhatsApp for PC but if you are interested, you have also the possibility to get many other amazing Android Apps. However, the list of apps that can be brought to your computer, is not as big as the list available for mobile devices, or at least not yet, since the emulators do not support a large number of Android Apps until now.

Once the Android emulator has been installed to your PC, downloading WhatsApp for PC becomes extremely easy and all you have to do is just follow a couple of simple steps and you are done.

You must also know that WhatsApp for Pc is not the best and not the only instant messaging app that you can use directly from your PC. In case you are interested in calling people instead of texting them, you might want to think about downloading Skype, or Viber. These two apps are extremely well-known and used by people all over the world because they allow them to call their close ones without charging the calls. Of course, you need an internet connection but this is what you need when you use all similar application. As well, calling and texting is possible only if the other persons are using the same application.

Therefore, when choosing an application that allows you to communicate easier with other people, you must think about which of the instant messaging apps available on the market is most used by your friends because even if you have chosen the best one, you might not have whom to communicate with.

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